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Welcome to Southampton Railway Systems Research

Welcome to Southampton Railway Systems Research (SR2) - a centre specialising in Railway Research, based at the University of Southampton.

Southampton Railway Systems Research brings together research groups from the School of Civil Engineering and the Environment and the Institute for Sound and Vibration Studies (ISVR).

We were a leading member of the EPSRC-funded Rail Research UK consortium, and are a member of the RRUK Association. Southampton hosts the EPSRC's RRUK "Factor 20" Feasibility Account and Track21 Programme Grant.


The aims of Southampton Railway Systems Research are to promote and undertake fundamental and applied research and consultancy in the areas of railway systems.

We undertake interdisciplinary research on railway systems that:

  • incorporates engineering, physical and social sciences
  • integrates scientific theory with practical applications
  • is international in scope, covering the UK, Europe and beyond

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Recent News
Southampton Appoints Visiting Professors in Railway Research
The University of Southampton is pleased to announce the appointment of Andy Doherty (Network Rail) and Andrew McNaughton (HS2) as Visiting Professors, to strengthen its capabilities and industrial links in the field of railway track research.
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RRUK Special Issue of JRRT Published
A new special edition of the IMechE Journal of Rail and Rapid Transit has just been published. This edition carries papers arising from a range of research projects carried out under the auspices of the EPSRC-funded Rail Research UK (RRUK) consortium. Southampton-based researchers are well-represented. To view the contents please click here .

Overcoming Capacity Constraints - A Simulation Integrated with Optimisation for Nodes
SR2 researchers have been awarded funding from the EPSRC-RSSB Strategic Partnership to identify and assess innovative approaches to overcoming nodal capacity constraints by examining the scope for technological improvements and operational changes.
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SR2 Researchers get £3.1million to help improve railway track
A team of railway researchers from Southampton has been awarded a £3.1million research grant that could bring about a step-change improvement in the performance of the UK's railway track system.

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Recent Publications
  • Powrie, W., Leyland, T., (2011). Track21: railway track research for the 21st century. European Railway Review, 17-2, 40-44.
  • Coelho, B., Hölscher, P., Priest, J., Powrie, W., Barends, F., (2011). An assessment of transition zone performance. Proc. IMechE: Part F: J. Rail and Rapid Transport, 225:2, 129-139. DOI: 10.1177/09544097JRRT389
  • Le Pen, L., Powrie, W. (2011). Contribution of base, crib, and shoulder ballast to the lateral sliding resistance of railway track: a geotechnical perspective. Proc. IMechE: Part F: J. Rail and Rapid Transport, 225:2, 113-128. DOI: 10.1177/0954409710397094
  • Thuong, O., Griffin, M.J. (2011). The vibration discomfort of standing persons: the effect of body supports. Proc. IMechE: Part F: J. Rail and Rapid Transport, 225:2, 228-235. DOI: 10.1177/09544097JRRT369
  • Triepaischajonsak, N., Thompson, D.J., Jones, C.J.C., Ryue, J., Priest, J.A., (2011). Ground vibration from trains: experimental parameter characterization and validation of a numerical model. Proc. IMechE: Part F: J. Rail and Rapid Transport, 225:2, 140-153. DOI 10.1177/09544097JRRT370
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